Summer Programs

Summer Design + Business Studio

This five-week, for-credit studio courses provide high school students the opportunity to explore career interests in the design field, while test driving the VMCAD experience.

When: June 12, 2017 - July 14, 2017

Where: VMCAD College


Classes Being Offered:

Basic Color Theory 

The course introduces and analyzes the Four Contrasts of Color Theory - value, intensity, hue, and temperature - as the cornerstone of understanding color schemes, color interaction, color relationships, and color's compositional effects for purposes of creating color organization. 

Art Fundamentals

A study of the basic principles in the mechanics of drawing.  The course is an exploration concerning theoretical and practical approaches of perspective drawing to create realism through shading and value placement. 

History of Graphic Design 

Beyond type, image, and layout what does being a “Graphic Designer” mean? This course describes the foundation and history of the industry from “then to now”.  Students will gain a thorough knowledge and a clear understanding of their chosen field.  Students will learn how to become communication experts, problem solvers, and results orientated professionals. By developing a timeline and course plan, students will set goals for a successful college career in graphic design.  

Elements of Aesthetics for Interior Design 

This course covers the fundamental concepts of design principles with emphasis on developing creative abstract design thinking and interpreting it into three dimensional composition of form and space within architectural organization.  This course develops diagrammatic studies, design explorations, abstract ideation, and architectural compositions within the evolution process of design.  Class projects cover the understanding of massing, composition, balance, form, interest, negative and positive spaces, color definition, and the ability to recognize quality design.  This course is intended and designed to broaden the student's design and conceptual perception and skills.  

Introduction to Fashion

This course is an introduction to the many facets of the fashion industry from concept to consumer.  This course focuses on the fashion industry as a whole with emphasis on the structure of the fashion industry, consumer demand and acceptance, fashion research, forecasting trends, product acquisition and development.  



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