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How do I know if I am ready for taking courses online?

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VMCAD College uses Canvas as the Distance Education Learning Management System, LMS. Canvas is very easy to use.

We provide a comprehensive Canvas training for online students.

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Online Learning Q & A

Can I complete an entire degree online?

Yes. Both of the BS Fashion Merchandising and BFA Graphic Design programs will be offered fully online. It will take only three years to complete the whole degree if you are enrolled full-time. Students with an associate degree in Art are welcome to continue pursuing a Bachelor degree. You can also study for professional development.

What makes online education at VMCAD different from the other art and design schools?

Our mission is to implement innovative and effective educational techniques while providing a cost-effective education to all student passionate about pursuing careers in the design and art industries. We strive to create an online learning environment where both the creative and business sides of the design and art industry converge.

How do I find what courses are offered in the program?

For current year, please look up the program description section. You may also go to and check under Academics section. There will be a complete list of courses required for each program.

What is it like to take an online course?

Taking an online course is very similar to taking a face-to-face course in terms of learning materials, submitting homework assignments, completing class projects, participating in discussion, and taking exams. The major difference is you can do all the coursework online at a place you choose at the times that fit into your busy schedule.

What is an online course like?

Online courses are offered on Canvas, a learning management system. When you log onto Canvas, you will see the syllabus, course schedule, and the course materials under each module. The course materials include various multimedia resources such as from TED talk, YouTube, videos made by instructors, or research articles in the discipline.

What if I don’t know how to use Canvas?

After you are enrolled to VMCAD, you will receive instructions guiding you how to log onto Student Portal and Canvas. And you will be automatically enrolled in a student orientation course on Canvas. The orientation course will show you how to take an online course including how to submit an assignment, take a online quiz, look up your grade, communicate with your instructor if you have problem with Canvas, etc.

What kind of technology do I need?

It is recommended to use a computer that you are comfortable with, either a Mac or a Windows computer with updated operating system. For different courses, the requirements might differ, so refer to course introduction for details. For the software you will need to use for the class, you can purchase the student edition online. The links will be provided in the course introduction. More information can be found on our website.

How do I know I am suitable to take online courses?

On our website, you will find the self-assessment student readiness survey under Online Learning section. Answer all the questions truthfully and look at the result. The result shows a general analysis about your readiness to take online courses. If you score very high, you are more ready than you think. If you score low, there are some suggestions helping you to be a better online student.

How do I interact with my classmates online?

VMCAD offers the best online learning management system, Canvas, which will allow you to interact with the instructor, the content, and the other fellow classmates. Upon starting a class, each student will be asked to introduce themselves, so you will get to know your classmates. Depending on the course design, you might also have video conferences, online discussion, small group projects, and peer-review assignments which will allow you to interact with your classmates.

Can I contact my instructor if I have any questions?

You can contact your instructor through Canvas or college email, at any time when you need help.

What if I need other help outside class such as technology?

In addition to the six-layer student support, we offer extended student support for online students. The most important component is the Online Student Orientation Course. Every online student is automatically enrolled in a self-paced, zero-credit, course called Online Student Orientation. Students are encouraged to finish this course before starting the first online course. This course will train you how to use Student Portal, Canvas, and online learning strategies.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact us at 800.473.4350 or 216.221.8584 for more questions. We would love to help you answer these questions!