• Current VMCAD Student Featured in ASID’s Winter Newsletter
  • Current VMCAD Student Featured in ASID’s Winter Newsletter





    2017-02-27 13:28


    Interior Design

    Macy Smith, current VMCAD Interior Design student, is featured in the American Society of Interior Designers Ohio North Winter News Brief.

    Macy Smith, Student ASID

    Hometown: Elyria, Ohio

    School Attending: Virginia Marti College of Art and Design (VMCAD)

    Graduation Date: Associate, September 2017. Bachelors, projected September 2018

    Favorite Design Style/Designer: My favorite style is Eclectic. I love mixing elements of different styles into one design. It creates a very interesting, intriguing and different look. Eclecticism leads to so many open opportunities and options within the design.

    A designer that I have always been interested by is Charles Rennie Mackintosh. He had such a different approach to design in his era. He really branded himself with creating every detail and branching off into other venues besides furniture design.

    3 Things that make student life easier: One way student life has been made easier for me is by absolutely loving and having a strong passion for what I do, which is Interior Design. A second thing is I am surrounded by amazing and supportive professors, staff and fellow students and it makes being a student so much more rewarding and pleasant. Finally, a third thing is being involved. As it may take a lot of time and effort, it allows me to really dive deep into applying what I have been learning and to further my education. This helps ease student life as I gain a more deeper understanding of the concepts I have been learning.

    Travel Anywhere, where and why: Traveling has always had a huge place in my heart. I have been truly lucky to be able to have traveled to the places I have in the past. If I could travel anywhere in the world I would really love to travel to Africa. I have no specific country or city in Africa as there are many locations I would love to visit. I have always had a desire to travel to Africa, to observe and experience the vast amount of culture and to see the worlds beauty in other parts of our world.

    Plans After Graduation: After graduation, I would like to continue to work as an Interior Designer. After a few years has past, I ultimately want to buy, flip and sell homes. I have always had a heart for homes and fixing/restoring them to their original, intended beauty.