• Graphic Design Student Portfolios Receive Stellar Reviews!
  • Graphic Design Student Portfolios Receive Stellar Reviews!





    2016-09-19 14:57


    From left to right: Lisa Lorek – Art Director, Michael Jewell – Sr Art Director, Kendal Richer – Creative Director, and Stephanie Midolo – GD Student

    Every quarter, graduating graphic design students present their work at one of Cleveland’s leading ad agencies or creative services companies. This gives the graduating students an opportunity to practice for a professional interview, receive real-world industry feedback, and begin building their professional network. This quarter we had the pleasure of presenting at Global Prairie. Our panel of interviewers included: Kendal Richer – Creative Director, Michael Jewell – Sr. Art Director, and Lisa Lorek – Art Director.

    The students did an amazing job presenting their work in a confident and professional manner. The student work received great praise as well as the students ability to communicate their thoughts, ideas, design rationale, and their calm, cool, and collected responses to feedback and questions. All-in-all it was a great day and I was very proud of my students and to be the Graphic Design Department Chair at VMCAD College. The icing on the cake, was the comment below, which I received from Kendal Richer, just days after our portfolio review:

    Hi Todd,

    In my nearly 10 years working as a creative professional – seven of which I’ve been responsible for identifying and hiring talent – I’ve rarely seen a student portfolio stronger, and more well-rounded, than Savannah Uhler’s. I’ve also served as a portfolio reviewer for several years at AIGA’s student portfolio review, and her work unequivocally stands out as amongst the very, very best. I think this is a testament not only to her skills and dedication, but also to the program itself as all the work I saw was a direct output of the curriculum. She and her peers at the student review all exhibited exceptional communication skills and clearly had developed strong design processes – again, further testament to the program at VMCAD.

    Kudos to you, and your students, for a job well done and I look forward to seeing the school’s output of talent in the coming years as well!


    Kendal Richer

    Click to view Savannah Uhlers outstanding portfolio!