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    2016-07-20 13:56


    Interior Design

    For breast cancer patient Jen Dentz, her bedroom is where she can find refuge from her chemotherapy sessions.

    “It’s a chance for me to have a place to go and relax, read and get away,” she told TODAY.com.

    Dentz was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2012 and has been receiving chemotherapy almost continuously since then. While getting treatment at University Hospitals’ Seidman Cancer Center, her counselor told her about a unique opportunity. In partnership with the Karen E. Mumford Cancer Foundation and VMCAD College, the center offered Dentz a bedroom makeover as part of a project called “Healthy Spaces.”

    “[When you’re fighting cancer,] it just seems like it’s all going to be bad, and you can’t catch a break. But then stuff like this happens.”

    The space originally was dark, gray and a space Dentz said felt like a prison.