• Tuition Free Summer Program
  • Tuition Free Summer Program





    2016-05-12 16:00



    This summer, discover new avenues of artistic development with VMCAD College Summer program. High school students looking to explore careers in art and design are invited to take these tuition free classes, while earning college credits.  Come and see what it is like to be a student at VMCAD!

    When:  June 13 to July 15 (2 hours and 40 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays only)

    Where: VMCAD College

    *Tuition FREE (student is responsible for books, supplies and fees)

    The spaces are limited, so Contact Us now to reserve your spot!


    Classes Being Offered:

    Basic Color Theory

    Value, Hue, Intensity and temperature are the cornerstone of understanding color schemes, color interaction, color relationships and design communication. This course analyzes the influence of color and its persuasive abilities.

    Art Fundamentals

    Explore theoretical and practical approaches of perspective drawing to create realism through shading and value placement. This course is a study of the basic principles in the mechanics of drawing.

    Graphic Design: The Big Picture 

    Beyond type, image, and layout what does being a “Graphic Designer” mean? This course describes the foundation and history of the industry from “then to now”. Students will learn how to become communication experts, problem solvers and result oriented professional.

    Interior Design: Design Fundamentals

    This course cultivates the ability to develop creative abstract design thinking and translate that into architectural concepts. Students will acquire an understanding of composition, balance, form, interest, negative and positive spaces, color definition, and the ability to recognize quality design.

    Introduction to Fashion

    This course is an introduction to the many facets of the fashion industry. Students will obtain an understanding of a product life cycle, from conception to consumer.